Your Innkeepers

Scott and Kristen Hertzog have been enjoying the company of guests from around the world who come and visit the Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast. Scott’s heritage on this farm stretches back to the days when the first Mennonites settled the area in the mid-1700s. Scott’s talents include genealogical research on the people and the history of the Hertzog Homestead. Many of the antiques that decorate the bed and breakfast have come down through generations of Scott’s family. Born and raised in Edison, New Jersey, Kristen brings a unique perspective as an import into the Mennonite culture. Kristen was an Amish tour guide and has worked various marketing positions in the Pennsylvania Dutch tourism industry for the past 15 years.

Scott’s ancestor, Jacob Metzler, built this gray limestome farmhouse in 1786 to house his weaving shop. He spent hours at his loom in what is now the bedroom of the Jacob Metzler Suite. The Mennonite church, the one room school house, and road by the homestead also bear his name.

Scott and Kristen welcome you into their home and look forward to meeting new friends and extending their hospitality!